Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The 15 Minute Loan Signing "Control the Uncontrollable"

In order to make the most of your time and energy as a loan signing agent you may want to lean the fifteen minute close. Some advanced techniques to control the environment of a courtesy loan signing. As signing agents you will find that sometimes you are in situations where the environment is not ideal! For these conditions speed and technique play a major role in the outcome of a successful signing. This quick guide will review the fifteen minute loan signing practices below.
You will find three main elements of a quick signing they are cadence, control, and speed. When you marry speed and cadence you will maintain the "control". Without control, the catalyst of my fifteen minute methods you will not have success. Note, this is not a method for beginning notaries. These are advanced techniques that seasoned signers should use if they understand the ins and outs of every page of loan documentation and can answer any and all questions that may arise at the signing table with conviction.
The notary always sets the tone and tempo of a loan signing, if you want to compel your cohorts to keep a steady pace from the moment you sit down you must elicit control. After your introductions are done dive right into notarizing docs. If your state does not require a journal then do not use one, they are time vampires. In order to keep the fast pace and timing use these tactics to do so, first things first! The cadence, when explaining the docs it should be exciting fast and fun! Be confident and astute put the first doc out and wait. Hem in any small talk with explanations of terms, this will deflect chatter. When singing docs start with the HUD slowly then progressively increase the speed of your cadence. If borrowers stall and start dissecting doc verbiage then slip in a few questions that will draw attention back to the controller. For example, what is your favorite place to go on vacation or what do you do for work. They will answer and most likely try to elaborate. Now this is critical! Let the borrowers give the answer but if they start diving into the details simply move your pen to the place they should sign, and look up at them with a well-timed smile. Mobile notaries have a few good tools, the pen, nod, and smile. Now, If the borrowers still are talking in response to your question move the pen back to the signing area smile, nod and tap once, then continue your cadence. When you have completed notarizing you docs and are now tossing papers slip in a few jokes and ask them about the details of their life. Be sincere and use that well timed smile! Remember to have fun and laugh. When you are funny, add sizzle, and maintain excitement your audience will follow having fun as well.
The fifteen minute closing will allow you to effectively and efficiently elicit control of all signings while being thorough and fun in tough environments. For example, agitated spouses, Individuals returning from crisis, noisy Starbucks, ferry terminals, the smoking man, polluted homes, or borrowers that like to throw things like- pens and paper.
Borrowers in most cases will want to get through the documents in a timely manner. As a loan signer it is your responsibility to explain the documents in an expeditious manner while respecting people's time. The whole process from start to finish in some instances can take the borrowers well over three months and they are most likely will have a fervent understanding of the terms and details precluding your arrival. So make this a fun and fast experience and let them return to what is really important, their families. Time is the most valuable asset on this planet and a precious commodity. Please Value the borrowers time and yours during this transaction and the hiring party and borrowers will most certainly thank you.

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