Monday, August 12, 2013

Internet Payday Loans and Credit Checks

If you need some fast cash, Internet payday loans are a great way to solve your short-term financial issues. A payday loan is a short-term loan (a.k.a. cash or pay check advance) that must be paid back within a period of several weeks to a month. Payday loans are typically granted for amounts as low as £100 not exceeding £1,000. Because these are short term and generally for smaller amounts than a conventional personal loan, Internet payday loan companies usually don't require good credit to get approved.

If your credit is not so good, this means you will still have an avenue to meet unexpected financial obligations that may arise...even when you are unable to get approved for a personal loan at a bank.

Other Requirements

Though you might not be subjected to scrutiny concerning your credit, there are other requirements you'll have to meet to get approved for a payday cash loan online. One requirement is the lender will need to verify your employment and income level to ensure you can pay back the cash loan.
If you are unemployed or retired, you must be able to show proof of a dependable income source, such as disability, pension or social security. Minimum income requirements are usually £1,000 to £1,200 (net after taxes and deductions) per month, depending upon which lender you use.

You must also have a checking account that has been open at least 30 days. With Internet payday loans, you might also be required to have your regular paycheck direct deposited electronically into this account. This gives the lender a sure method of obtaining payments back for the loan.

Also, the cash you receive from the loan can be direct deposited into the checking account as soon as your loan has been approved. This means you won't have to wait for a check to arrive in the mail when applying for an Internet payday loan. You'll be able to get your cash deposited immediately (depending on the day you apply), so if you need it on the same day or by the next day, you'll have it in-hand in no time.

Internet payday lenders also have minimum age requirements to make a loan as well as requiring a valid e-mail address and phone number. Once you've completed the application, your information will be evaluated and a decision made by the lender, whether to approve or decline your payday loan. Approval may take several minutes or several hours depending on which day you apply. Applying over a weekend may cause a delay in approval time.

What about Credit Checks?

Even if the Internet payday loan company performs a credit check, this doesn't mean that poor credit will hinder your ability to get approved. However, if you've filed for bankruptcy within the past year or have filed multiple times, you may not be able to obtain a payday loan from some companies. The good news is that a poor credit rating, judgments or other credit flaws will not keep you from getting the cash loan you need as it would with a regular bank loan.
A payday loan can help when you have emergency expenses such as doctor bills or if you simply face a slump in your income one week. Perhaps you need extra cash for groceries or to help out a friend or relative in need. Whatever the need for immediate cash, payday loans provide a convenient, short-term loan solution with all the advantages of Internet speed and technology!

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