Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bank Business Loans

Helping your cash flow flow
Because your business banker works with you to understand your business, they are in the great position to facilitate you manage your cash flow. This will help you pass up possible interruptions to your business and guarantee things run smoothly. In fact, your business banker can provide you with finance facilities for every business purpose, from short-term overdrafts to long-term instalment bank business loans.

Business loans
If you need a business loan, Our Bank will be satisfied to talk to you about a loan intended to suit your definite business needs. Our Business Solutions Principal and Interest Term Loans offer you a choice of variable or fixed interest rates with customized repayments in bank business loans.

Interest only
We offer personalized lending facilities to meet your business needs in bank business loans . You can choose from Interest Only or Principal and Interest Loans, with fixed or variable interest and customized repayments in bank business loans.

Commercial loans
If your business requires a commercial loans, we can offer you a loan with a fixed or variable rate of interest, or combination of both, with structured repayments that feature either interest only or principal plus interest in commercial loans. Maybe you have a special project in mind? Please feel free to come in and discuss it with one of our business bankers.

Business overdraft
To help your business meet its capital requirements, we offer an overdraft facility on revolving credit loans with variable interest in bank business loans. It's an ideal solution, assisting to smooth out short-term fluctuations in your cash flow. The overdraft can be accessed through the issue of cheques, Visa card, automatic payments and funds transfer. You can make the most of your business opportunities with a line of credit that can come and go as you need it, you simply pay interest on the balance outstanding, so there's no need for a rigid fixed repayment program in bank business loans.

Asset purchase
This facility can help your business grow by allowing you to obtain cost-effective finance for business motor vehicles and equipment. You can choose whether you want to lease or purchase, with terms from two to five years in bank business loans. Payments can be customised to your cash flow and, in most cases the finance costs are tax deductible.
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