Friday, October 06, 2006

Business Loan Uk -Commercial Loans-New Business Loans

An idea, a little setting up and funds....
is all you need to start your own new business project

Funds, finance, cash... money should not be a hurdle for your business plans. we may help you get new business loans for your million dollar idea.

To start a new project, finance is always the key factor. We have business relations among lenders all across the UK. They can assist you get the loan of your goals in business and you fulfill your basic requirements.

Small or big, availing a business loan has got easier, thanks to the growing competition among lenders. However, looking at the other side of coin, now you all the more need to look for competitive and low rate Business Loans as they are available in the market. Why pay more for no reason?

we help you in your hunt by compiling various lenders for you. We have an efficient team of lenders who assist you in business loans at likely terms. you just apply to us, we carry your application to forward it at our suitable lenders, who will contact you and offer a excellent deal .

We also provide small business loans:

If you are a small business owner, you know small business loans are tough to come by. Banks can decline as many as 90% of small business loan applications that they receive. Most banks require you also to be in business several years and claim you to have physical assets to secure to receive working capital.

Did you know there is a optional way to receive working capital for your business? Most businesses don't realize they have a hidden asset they can receive funds against, their future Visa and Mastercard sales from their customers. Unlike a bank, a business cash advance program has a 90% approval rate for qualified applicants. And with a business cash advance, you only need to be in business for 60 days to qualify.

Small Business Loans can be used for most business purposes:

  • To buy the place for business.
  • Construction, renovation or leasehold improvements
  • To purchase furniture, fixtures, machinery, or equipment
  • For the flooring of inventory and for working capital
  • Up to 30 years term with no maximum age limit

Why use us?

  • We can fast-track your application by faxing starter documents and accepting them back by fax with original to follow ,also we provice online facilities on our website.
  • Valuation fees can be taken by credit/debit card to speed up caluation time Huge range of products - we are a one stop shop We accept self-declaration of income, CCJ's and mortgage arrears
  • we providing borrowing amount ,3000-100000 pounds for your new business & small business .

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