Thursday, October 26, 2006

Flexible Business Loans

Entrepreneurs are usually characterized with some sole features. Since they are dependent relative on the profits from the operations, their revenue is not steady. A business loan that is repayable in a fixed period through small monthly installments will not serve their purpose. They require a business loan that can be repaid before the term of repayment ends.

A flexible business loan from us will go well with their purpose in the best possible manner. This however, does not put off the entrepreneur from repaying the flexible business loan before the term end.

An important feature of flexible business loans is that the borrower is not penalized with any penalty if he repays the flexible business loan before the end of the term. Thus, the entrepreneur is not locked in the agreement for an extended period.

We also permit entrepreneurs to decide the repayment term at any stage of the flexible business loan. Flexible business loans charge interest according to the base rate decided by the Bank of England.

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